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The elixir of weight loss
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The elixir of weight loss does not require a prescription, it has no side effects and costs almost nothing. A group of US researchers has just found, first, that healthy ‘magic recipe’ to lose weight is to drink tap water before each meal.

Brenda Davy, Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg (Virginia), has released the results of this trial during the celebration, this week in Boston, at the Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS , its acronym in English).

Speaking to, this specialist says “our most important finding is in a study have shown that consumption of water (two glasses) before each main meal can facilitate weight loss among middle – aged and older”. In previous work “we found that those who drank just before each meal ate an average of between 75 and 90 calories less. Now, in this latest, we have found that over the course of 12 weeks, dieters and, also they drink water before each meal, three times a day, lose about two and a half kilos more than those who do not increase fluid intake. ”

Specifically, he studied included 48 adults , with an average age of between 55 and 75 years, who were divided into two groups. So, despite all followed a low calorie diet over three months, one group added two glasses of water before meals and the other did not follow this recommendation. After the time trial, drinkers lost about seven kilos, compared with the nearly five ‘shook off’ those who did not drink.

Davy Dr. recalls that “everyday experience has suggested that water can help promote weight loss. But so far no scientific data on the subject. Previous studies have suggested that water before meals reduces intake . calories , however, lacked the ‘ gold standard ‘ of scientific evidence: a randomized controlled trial that compares weight loss injections  among dieters and drink before meals and those who do not. ”

Advocates also that “water may be so effective simply because it fills the stomach with a substance that has no calories and also the person eats fewer calories. Surely, increase your consumption can also help people lose weight if it is the replacement for sweetened beverages. ”

As for the possibility that the use of drinks ‘light’ has the same effect as water, American researcher acknowledges that “we have not discussed this in our research, but other scientists if they have found that the intake of this type drinks, calorie – free, in Genereal reduce caloric intake at meals, and may also increase weight loss over time. “

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You set Lonbraz Kann as a film project but also as a development project for Mauritius.Why?

In a geographical area where the cinema is in its infancy, “Kann Lonbraz” aims to lay the groundwork for a sustainable film industry. Also, the project proposes the setting up of training workshops for film business, first to the actors, the other for technicians in the region, which will be supervised and trained throughout the adventure of this film. The “Kann Lonbraz” also mission is to train young people from disadvantaged areas of the island trades of the image.

A first training workshop for Mauritian stakeholders was held in June. A communication campaign and “crowdfunding” was completed in July. How was these actions? What preliminary assessment do you draw?

The campaign of ‘crowdfunding’ was a success. We exceeded the amount requested one week before the deadline. We originally designed this campaign to Mauritians abroad to engage in a cultural development efforts of their country. On arrival, we realize that there are many Mauritians abroad that Mauritius Mauritians who contributed. This gave us an idea of the expectation that there are around this project.  This crowdfunding campaign is part of a broader communications plan around the project because the goal was also to make known the project and make known in Mauritian communities abroad to do the same ambassadors of the film at the time of its release.

We also animate a Facebook page regularly and we feed that tracks the progress of the project and also a website which is being updated, for those who want to enter more deeply into the details of the project.

The first workshop for actors was hosted by actress and director Marie RAYNAL French scene. We work with non-professional actors who for some have no experience of the camera. We chose them because they were all already in them a little something each character. The aim of this first workshop was precisely to show them a little something to work on. We have seen during this workshop affirm certain talents and hatch other we see little by little the characters to life. The workshop was also important to have a vision-size film, it will therefore also serve us to change some things, correct some dialogues, to remove or add. The work is not finished, there will be a second workshop in October.

You are very anxious to reach a Mauritian public. You want it to mean from the film production. Why this choice ?

It must be said that this film is also somewhere the ‘baby’ of another initiative we have implemented 7 years ago, SHORT ILE, a festival of short films holiday villas mauritius, encompassing vocational training workshops.

With this device we support the production (very low budget) Mauritian movies and organize outdoor screenings on the beaches of the island for all Mauritians who will never go to the movies. This device is also intended to bring the Mauritian screens films about Maurice, to refer to the public an image and a reflection of the society in which he lives.

Lonbraz Kann  is just the logical continuation of this reflection by addressing an issue that affects all Mauritians (the end of the sugar era), which is highly visible in the metamorphosis of the landscape but which yet there is little thought and recoil. How we implement this project is as important as the film itself, he calls on the collaboration of all available energies and the Mauritian public is.

Your project also aims to contribute to building a regional cultural cooperation …

We also develop for the first time an axis of regional cooperation with the neighboring island of Reunion and Mozambique, a country of our settlement. The aim is to highlight one of the Indian Ocean cinema, by pooling our resources and to throw a spotlight on this region somewhat forgotten on the world cinema map. In addition, it will give the public view of these countries a story that belongs to them, with a strong artistic anchored about their reality. “Kann Lonbraz” and wishes to highlight the common identity  to the countries of the Indian Ocean. The regional network of talents and skills that we put in place will be the cornerstone of a genuine regional cooperation. We thus claim our determination to be a whole of the Indian Ocean cinema.

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The terrorist attack that shook the world in 2013 will hit the big screen in more than one film. One of them will be in charge indie director David Gordon Green (Prince Avalanche, Manglehorn), according to reports portal The Hollywood Reporter .

Produced by Lionsgate study (The Hunger Games), the film will be entitled “Stronger” and will focus on the history of Jeff Bauman, one of the survivors who lost both legs in the attack. You can easily find this movie on Movie4k

Bauman was waiting at the finish line of the annual marathon when two explosive devices detonated, killing three people and wounding more than 260. Bauman shared his story of being a key witness and rehabilitation process in a book entitled “Stronger”, co written by Bret Whitter.

John Pollono and Scott Silver (The Fighter) developed the script for the film, which will be produced by Silver, David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman of Mandeville Films / TV, the same trio who worked on “The Fighter” and received Oscar nominations.

The other film projects on the marathon are “Patriot’s Day” CBS Films, which, although still looking for its director, already has Mark Wahlberg in the title role and “Boston Strong” from 20th Century Fox, which recently had to resume search director Daniel Espinosa after losing “Safe House” and “Child 44”, these movies are available on Movie25

Braces Places: Care and dental aesthetics with the best service and prices
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Dr. Z. Mouhab Rizkallah and his staff await in Braces Places.

Dr. Z. Mouhab Rizkallah and his staff await in Braces Places.

In the offices of The Braces Places, the logo speaks for itself, a broad smile with teeth correction.

My goal is to provide the best care at moderate prices,” said Dr. Z. Rizkallah Mouhab which opened in 2012 Braces Places in 335 Common Street in Lawrence and has been practicing orthodontics since 2004.

I find it strange that there are many people who are still afraid to put brakes because they think it will hurt, but thanks to technology, it is not painful, is like putting paper on a table, and root canal cost is very reasonable ” he said.

If installed correctly, the patients will enjoy. The question is: Is it worth it ?. Correctors are one of those things that after they are removed, the result is invaluable. “

Dr. Rizkallah explained that if the teeth are crooked, can accumulate plaques and Sarros, and if there are gaps between them, food can become jammed between his teeth. When the teeth are aligned, better brush.

Putting correction is not just something cosmetic, but something important for health, especially if you have crooked teeth or there is a gap between the teeth, ” he said.

In addition to the dental clinic Rizkallah advocates for Medicaid benefits.

” You have to keep regulations Massachusetts Health honestly. We have a reputation in this office to help get benefits that have been denied. We make sure they are taken care of . ”

He identifies with immigrants from the experience of their parents who left Egypt with him when he was a baby, religious persecution. ” I am appalled by the situation of immigrants and that’s why I want to help because how hard they work for their livelihood , ” he said.

Rizkallah always remembers one of his first patients when he opened his office in Lawrence. She told him she had compared prices in different places and asked him because charged cheaper than elsewhere.

Because I want to , ” he said Rizkalllah. ” She got very happy but not

With a history of 11 years in orthodontics Dr. Z. Rizkallah Mouhab always seeks to provide the best service and the best prices for their patients.

With a history of 11 years in orthodontics Dr. Z. Rizkallah Mouhab always seeks to provide the best service and the best prices for their patients.

He could understand my strange answer, but I feel very proud to offer a great job of orthodontics at a great price. The quality of our work is unrivaled, it is difficult to understand entertaining you are a patient or one of our employees . ”

Dr. Rizkallah studied at the State University of New York at Buffalo where he graduated Summa Cum Laude  in biological sciences, human resources and administration. He also earned a certificate in temporomandibular dysfunction of the State University of New York at Stonybrook, where he also received his doctorate in dental medicine and wasvaledictorian of his class.

Dr. earned his master’s degree in orthodontics biomaterial and a second Masters in orthodontics and dental facial and orthopedic.

In addition to Lawrence, Rizkallah has offices in Somerville 30 College Ave., in 1792 Dorchester Ave. in Boston and the 710 Chelmsford St. in Lowell. It also plans to open a fifth office in Framingham.

Braces Places in Lawrence there are 15 employees including Dr. Jeff Gay. In September, he hires an oral surgeon who will concentrate only shows wisdom teeth.

How to Invest in Mauritius
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The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation located 900 kilometers from Madagascar and about 4,000 kilometers southwest of India. In addition to the island of Mauritius , the republic includes the islands of San Brandón or Cargados Carajos, Rodrigues and Agalega Islands. Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands, together with the French island of Reunion 200km southwest.

Given its intertropical situation, the island of Mauritius enjoys a warm climate , although the oceanic influence moderates the temperature. By the combination of high humidity and warm temperatures it has thrived dense vegetation including coconut palms.

A Mauritius is known in the world as the Beach Island . Lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this little piece of paradise is surrounded by lagoons . Different shades of blue crystal funds illustrate the sea. The water remains at a warm temperature all year round (23 ° in winter and 27 ° in summer).

Reasons to invest in Mauritius

The following describes the main reasons to invest in Mauritius :

  • Mauritius is changing gradually, in an international island . Its white sand beaches , its turquoise lagoons and magnificent scenery make this island an exceptional environment. Mauritius also has a modern infrastructure : port, airport, road networks, schools, hospitals, hotels, mauritius apartments, etc. Many investors have put their faith in Mauritius, thanks to their way of life. Its capital, Port Louis, was recognized as a city of reference in the region of Africa and the Middle East in terms of its good quality of life .
  • Mauritius is known for its political and social stability and has a dynamic financial sector, and infrastructure and a modern free port. The Mauritian government encourages foreign investment and has created a favorable environment for investment, offering a wide range of incentives and facilities to attract foreign investment direct and institutional investors.
  • Mauritius has a prosperous economy that reflects the dynamism of the private sector and its regulatory framework. The economy is diversified, with the main sectors sugar, tourism, textiles, finance and service sectors and the ICT sector, outsourcing, fishing and projects of real estate development , including thecreation of luxury villas .
  • The investor protection has always been one of the main advantages of Mauritius. The country is a signatory to several treaties and multilateral agreements ensure the protection of foreign investors .
  • There is no exchange control. Mauritius is a free market economy . There is no limit on the transfer of profits, dividends and capital.
  • The tax rate in Mauritius is one of the lowest in the world . The tax system is very flexible, making it an easy business.
  • Mauritius stands out on the international scene through its ease of doing business . Mauritius is a very attractive platform for foreign investors and professionals who have the ability to start a business in only 3 days (work permits and employment are granted to investors and professionals in 3 days).
  • Mauritius has built for himself an international reputation as an exclusive tourist destination , with its innate sense of hospitality, magnificent landscapes and hotels of international firms.
  • The country has a staff of young people with good education : graduates, lawyers, engineers, programmers, consultants, accountants, executive secretaries, etc. An effective vocational training system ensures the availability of skilled labor in a number of sectors, particularly engineering and electronics.
  • The Mauritius Companies Act allows the creation of companies with 100% foreign capital .

Investment in Mauritius

Foreigners can live in Mauritius, and even buy property and become permanent residents of the island. They must buy property in Mauritius as investment projectunder the Integrated Resort Plan (IRS) .

The IRS allows foreigners to buy luxury villas of international standards, with golf courses, marinas, individual swimming pools, restaurants, sports complexes and fitness centers, depending on the project.

The IRS is one of the two regimes to which a foreign investor is allowed to buy property in Mauritius , provided the minimum price for the property is $ 500,000.Anyone who buys a property with these features is automatically entitled to permanent residence as well as your spouse and dependents. The residence permit granted under the IRS system will remain valid for as long as the owner retains ownership of the property.

Why Cize is So Effective?
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cizeCIZE is a dance program for all,that makes exercise enjoyable! Shaun T, choreographer and professional coach, dissects dance classes step by step movement after another, so thatanyone can dance and achieve ;good physical condition in 4 weeks.

Perhaps, CIZE ends the year (End of Exercize TM)-but that does not necessarily tell whether the end of the hard work! CIZE makes you move constantly by constantly introducing new moves and equipment needed for cize that give you a cardiovascular workout, strengthens your core and tone every muscle -all at once! You’ll be so busy to master the moves, you’ll forget you exercise – and you are on track to achieve best shape of your life! The more you put there, the more you benefit!Also, as you progress through your course, these will become more demanding. Which means 21 DAY FIX EXTREME even more movements, sweat and calories burned!

What makes CIZE so unique?

With CIZE, anyone can go on the dance floor and dance on the first day and be fit in just 4 weeks. Each course CIZE dissects a professional choreographic dance routine step by step,and includes sequences so you can dance to complete the rhythm of a song from the CIZE music playlist. The routines are becoming more demanding mentally and physically as the course progresses. But mastering routines is so much fun you’ll forget you train!

John Ruiz opens boxing gym in Boston
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John Ruiz is the owner and boxing instructor at the gym, in which self-defense classes will be offered, among others. The gym also offer self-defense classes.

The John Ruiz, twice heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA), officially opened Quietman Sports Gym in a suburb of Boston, a few miles from where the retired boxer spent part of his adolescence.

The concept is a gym contact has a boxing ring and, in turn, a cage for practicing mixed martial arts, wrestling, jujitsu and Muay Thai fighting style. The gym also offer self-defense classes, among others.

Ruiz is the owner and boxing instructor.

“I grew up in this area and wanted to return to my roots in order to give something back to these communities,” said Ruiz by written communication of (Freedom Dental Melbourne).

In 2001, Ruiz made history when he became the first Latino to win a crown of the entire division by defeating Evander Holyfield via unanimous decision.

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If you’re in business for yourself, you know that one of the fundamental things that we need is a good accountant in Boston. Unless you can make your own books, it is always smart to bring someone who has been trained and certified, at least as a consultant, if you do not actually hire one. But how do you tell the good Boston accounting firm of evil? And yes, there are two types. A bad accountant can cost millions of dollars in the blink of an eye and drag your good name into oblivion credit too.

So here are some things to consider when Boston accounting firms sought. Understand that these are only suggestions, and you are free to do what you choose. That said, be sure to choose wisely. Sometimes the best option is the first, in this case, however it would be wise to cultivate multiple options. Here are some things you should look for and consider when looking for an accounting firm in Boston.

Talk to your friends. Even with all the latest innovations in technology, word of mouth can go a long way in your search. If you are good at your business, as it has built a network of customers, other retailers, suppliers, etc. Talk to them, ask who recommended. Even your competitors can provide useful information. Be sure to ask more than one opinion, the more people refer to someone better than someone going to be. This can be a quick and easy way to find yourself a good fit for your business.

Check your good faith. Becoming an accountant in Boston is not an easy task. It takes many years of education and training. It requires all Boston accounting firms to obtain a license to do business in the first place, and these references are fairly easy to check. Each state has a Board of Accountants such as Sydney online bookkeeping services, another good source of information is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Interview each applicant. Every company is unique in what it takes to succeed. An in-depth interview with the applicant will provide a lot of useful information. Be sure to ask questions.It is important that you have a comprehensive plan in place to help your business grow and sustain itself. The qualified Boston accounting firm will have ideas as to how to do it. A qualified Boston accounting firm is more than just doing your tax return and books twice a year. The right accounting firm will help you manage your investments and expenses of an organized and full of hope profitably.

He talks the talk, or walk them. Communication is important in any good business relationship. A good Boston accounting firm will make sure to explain every step of everything they do. They want to ensure that you, the customer understands what is happening every step of the way. Good Boston accounting firms are used terms you can understand, and not be condescending. No business communication can only fail.

Someone who has been there before know the ca Some things to look for in Boston Accounting Firmsmino back. When choosing a good Boston accounting firm experience is a key factor to consider. You want someone with a proven track record of success, someone who has done well with other businesses. Someone with experience will know the tax laws forward and reverse, and that is something you need if you want to succeed in business. An error in your tax return can bury your business in debt forever.

Flexibility is the key here. Good Boston accounting firms do more to file your tax return, and help you to balance their books. A good Boston accounting firm is part of every aspect of your business plan and daily life. You need someone who will be in contact with your company, all year. A good accountant has other specialties as well as tax preparation.Investment management, earnings and expenses can be problematic if not done right. A good accountant can help you keep track of where the money goes and where it should go. It will also help to do important things like insurance bills are paid on time.

Time is money. A good Boston accounting firm knows that as a business owner your time is valuable to you. When running your own business it never seems to be enough hours in the day. Good Boston accounting firms are efficient and organized. They do not want to waste time, more than what they want too. A good accountant is always well prepared and has excellent attention to detail. A good Boston accounting firm should be comfortable to read the fine print, and work outside the area. With times being what they are, it is necessary that someone may be able to adapt to rapid changes in economic trends.

The service is essential. A good Boston accounting firm can be the difference between the tax and the tax rate. This decision is one of the most important that you make a business. You want someone who knows your business inside and out. Someone with experience can be beneficial for a new business owner.

These are the people in your neighborhood. When searching for good Boston accounting firms, try to go with someone local if you can afford it. Someone who is in the same area will be more familiar with your company and its markets then someone who has never been to the fair city. A local accountant can also be beneficial when it comes to organizing and attending meetings. Someone who lives in your community will not only be familiar with it, but also will make decisions that benefit the area as a whole, is your home too, and probably wants to see grow as much as you do.

Knowledge is power, but certification has weight. When choosing a good Boston accounting firm, you want someone who is familiar with business and tax laws in your state and city, as it will be responsible for both. If possible, you try to find someone who is certified CPA will probably save you headaches later. A good accountant is the brain, and will take the time to get certified. Whatever decision you do make will have a profound impact on your business and always choose wisely

Gynecologists in East Boston (Massachusetts)
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You can find a good gynecologist in East Boston in your area by searching through the sites listed below they have been collected by Clinicby. A practitioner of Gynecology should always be professional and make sure that patients are always treated with respect and keep you comfortable. A gynecologist in Bston specializes in treating diseases and surgery is required belonging to any of the female organs. Gynecologist in East Boston may prescribe creams, ointments and creams for women who are having skin problems in your region pelvic and public and you can find these doctors looking through the following sites Clinicby. The specialty of Gynecology helps women to cure diseases and obtain the necessary to keep themhealthy and functioning in day to day operations. A gynecologist in East Boston can help women with Pap tests for STDs and birth control.
Displaying 12 Gynaecologists near East Boston
  • 332 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113Darlene Ramos, MD. If you want to contact this professional, we just have your phone.


  • Gynecologist NYC

    When complications arise, depend on Rosh Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Located in New York City, we’re the trusted, caring high risk obstetrician of choice for moms and fetuses. Dr. Daniel Roshan is a graduate of Johns Hopkins Hospital (ranked #1 hospital, Worlds Best Hospital for 10 years and running). We provide all modern medical procedures, complete prenatal care, ultrasound, Amniocentesis, Chorionic villus sampling, Cerclage, laparoscopic surgery, Inutero transfusions and fetal 3D ultrasound all in one place. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment or visit us at the corner of Madison and 36th Street in New York City.

  • 720 Harrison Ave, Suite 1105, Boston, MA 02118Boston Medical Centre OB / Gyn. If you want to contact this professional, we just have your telephone.

  • 75 Arlington St, Ste 500, Boston, MA 02116Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices. If you want to contact this professional, we just have your phone.

  • Greater Boston Health Center, 1055 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215Planned Parenthood. We do not have the email address of this Clinic, but we can give you the phone number.

  • Faulkner Hospital, 1153 Centre St, Ste 36, Boston, MA 02130James Adam Greenberg, MD. If you want tocontact this professional, we just have your phone.

  • 11 Nevins St, Ste 201, Brighton, MA 02135Katherine Marshall, MD. For this clinic, only phone number is available.

  • Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Copley Practice, 165 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02228Elizabeth Buechler, MD. If you want to contact this professional, we have only your phone.

  • 2020 Centre St, West Roxbury, MA 02132Schweitzer Diane. For this clinic, only phone number is available.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital, 55 Fruit St, Boston, MA 02114Lauren E. Hanley, MD. If you want to contact this professional, we just have your phone.

  • 330 Brookline Ave, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Shapiro 8 Boston, MA 02215Yvonne Gomez-Carrion, MD. For this clinic, only phone number is available.

  • 77 Warren St, Brighton, MA 02135Tarr Diane MD. We do not have the email address of this Clinic, but we can give you the phone number.


BOSTON: Five places to watch free outdoor movies this summer
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All functions begin at sunset

BOSTON: Five places to watch free outdoor movies this summer

It is fashionable watch movies outdoors or on the patio of a bar, and in Boston there are several options to do this summer.

Here I share a list of some of the films screened in the months of June, July and August under the completely free Bostonian sky.

Have I forgotten some other? Just visit movie25 and let me know your comments.

All functions begin at sunset.

1. “Summer in the City” in Boston Harbor Hotel

70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, 617-439-7000,

Friday, June 10

Dirty Dancing

Friday, June 17


Friday, June 24

ET the Extra-Terrestrial (Restored)

Friday, July 1

An Affair to Remember

Friday, July 8

The Wizard of Oz

Friday, July 15

Letters to Juliet

Friday, July 22

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Friday, July 29

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Friday, August 5

Back to the Future

Friday, August 12

toy Story

Friday, August 19

The Sandlot

Friday, August 26

Some Like It Hot

Friday, September 2

Star Trek (2009)

Friday, September 9

Mamma Mia!

2. “Family Film Festival” at the Prudential Center

101 Huntington Ave., Boston, 617-236-3100.

Saturday, July 2


Saturday, July 9

Wizard of Oz

Saturday, July 16

The Good Dinosaur

Saturday, July 23


Saturday July 30

Inside Out

Saturday, August 6


Saturday August 13


Saturday August 20

A Bugs Life

Saturday August 27

Mary Poppins

3. “Summer Movie Series” at Assembly Row

340 Canal St, Somerville, MA 02145

Saturday, July 9


Saturday, July 16


Saturday, July 23

Inside Out

Saturday July 30

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Saturday, August 6

The Good Dinosaur

Saturday August 13

Jurassic World

Saturday August 20


Saturday August 27


4. “Free Friday Flicks” at the Hatch Shell

47 G David Mugar Way, Boston, MA 02108.

Friday, June 24


Friday, July 15


Friday, July 22

Inside Out

Friday, July 29

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Friday, August 5

The Good Dinosaur

Friday, August 12

Jurassic World

Friday, August 19


Friday, August 28


5. “Family Movie Night” Revere Recreation, waterfront

Kellys Roast Beef (410 Revere Beach Blvd) and William G. Reinstein Bandstand (Revere Beach)

Thursday, June 30

The Minions

(Kellys Roast Beef)

Thursday, July 7


(Kellys Roast Beef)

Thursday, July 14

The Goonies

(William G. Reinstein Bandstand)

Thursday, July 21

monsters Inc

(Kellys Roast Beef)

Thursday, July 28

Avengers: Age of Ultron

(William G. Reinstein Bandstand)

Thursday, August 4

Star Wars – The Force Awakens

(William G. Reinstein Bandstand)

A plaque on your city
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And so another brilliant idea emanates from Boston City Hall like runoff from an outhouse...

First we wanted to be like San Francisco, so we built an attention-grabbing, world-renowned bridge (and publicized it mightily).

Then we decided we wanted to be like Manhattan, so we made plans to relocate our contemporary art museum (currenly perched above the Mass Pike and squeezed between a restaurant and a firehouse) into a newly constructed building that, when finished, will be, well, architecturally modern.

Then we decided we wanted to be like Chicago, and approved a renovation of the John W. McCormack Post Office and Courthouse building downtown using "green" design standards, outfitting it with rooftop greenery, a la Chicago's City Hall.

Still not satisfied, we decided we wanted to be like the Vatican, and embarked on an effort to shut down every last strip club in the city.

Borrowed though they may be, they're all good ideas (except for the forced extinction of strip clubs—I bet the bookers for the new convention center are pissed). The same cannot be said, however, for the latest scheme in this string of identity-thefts.

The city is now making plans to ape Hollywood (my, how our standards have fallen): The Boston Herald reports that Mayor Menino has plans to decorate the Theater District with a "Hub celebrity walk of fame." Nothing says tacky like planting your city-walking shoes smack down on a "Matt & Ben" marker. Menino's been crusading for years to clean up the area around Chinatown and the Theater District, running the adult businesses out of town and building shiny glass and steel luxury condo buildings in their place. But adding a walk of fame to the Theater District stretches the bounds of good taste like spandex around Kirstie Alley's thighs.

City officials hold the misguided notion that the famewalk will bring nothing but positive attention to Boston. "Each time a celebrity gets a star - or a lobster - it could generate a ton of press, [city councilor John] Tobin says, and boost Boston's status as an entertainment player." Tobin's giddiness comes on the heels of a Boston Globe article last month that questioned whether Boston could attract a big enough audience to fill all the new seats that have arrived as a result of a theater construction boom.

Ignoring that, will a walk of fame even "boost Boston's status as an entertainment player"? Here are some other American cities with their own walks of fame (some include more than just entertainment stars). Tell me which of them you consider to be destinations for A-list entertainment: Dayton, OH; St. Louis, MO; Philadelphia, PA; Hot Springs, AR; Hartford, CT (featuring life-size Lego models of famous locals); Lubbock, TX; Talladega, AL (anchored by a Davey Allison memorial); Milwaukee, WI (Wisconsin state sports walk of fame). I'm sure there are more.

Excited for your city to join the ranks of those above? If this thing comes to fruition, it will be exposed for the cheap, tacky gimmick it is, and treated accordingly.


A prayer in the darkroom
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The Rake, a Twin Cities monthly, points out the similarities in theme and location between "Faith at Work," an article about God in the office—picture a mortgage loan officer holding hands with new homeowners, their heads bowed, praying for a low interest rate—published in the Oct. 31 New York Times Magazine, and an article in the Nov. 11 Minneapolis Star Tribune on the very same topic. The Riverview Community Bank, in Otsego, Minn., figures prominently in both stories.

The Rake calls the Strib story a follow-on, and notes that the Strib reporter does acknowledge where he got the idea for his article, but in a surreptitious manner, mentioning that the bank claims to have converted "New York Times Magazine freelance writer Russell Shorto." The Strib even quoted Shorto in the piece.

The Rake also points out that nearly identical photographs accompanied both articles. The NYT photo is here, the Strib photo is here. While the scene may be the same, the quality certainly is not. The NYT photo is sharp and stark. The Strib photo, dull and opaque, appears to have been taken from behind glass. (See image at right—resized but otherwise undedited—for a comparison.)


Leisure suite Larry
posted on 12-08-04 at 10:41 am | Larry Lucchino told a New York Times sportswriter who asked him about the team's future.

Psst,'ve only won one World Series championship. Isn't it a bit arrogant to refer to your club as a winning franchise? World Series wins in 1918 and 2004 don't exacly qualify as back-to-back. Ah well, at least he used the word franchise instead of dynasty.


Rent boy
posted on 12-07-04 at 16:55 pm | UK Press Association, Sept. 15, 2004:

A trainee rabbi was strangled by a "tattooed rent boy type" and his body dismembered after a night drinking in a gay bar, a court heard yesterday.

Gifted linguist Andreas Hinz's limbs and head had been "sawn off", they were wrapped in bin liners and put out for the dustman.
[The prosecutor] told the jury that the 27-year-old - who denies murder but admits manslaughter - first described choking his victim to death after laying him out with a "martial arts" kick.
A later search of McDowell's flat revealed traces of Mr Hinz's blood despite intensive efforts to bleach away any incriminating evidence.

The dead man's Hebrew numbered watch was also found along with his briefcase, as well as a couple of stained bags thought to have been used to temporarily store his limbs.
Opening the trial, counsel told jurors that they had to decide whether the defendant intended to kill his victim or at least cause him "really serious harm".
Mr Hinz's torso was found to have been wrapped in bin liners and tied up with a length of flex. His limbs and head were then found later by police in more plastic bags in the bins. With them were his skull cap and credit cards. The trial continues.

Go read the rest of it; it's worth it.

A rent boy, a dustman, laid out by a martial arts kick, temporary limb storage, scattered body parts...the trial continues. Why can't the US press be this bluntly entertaining, firing off stark details in a just the facts ma'am manner, pretending not to notice how gruesome those details are? Can you imagine the fun they would have had with the Peterson trial?


Twin peaks
posted on 12-07-04 at 11:40 am | glamorous shots of them to post alongside the nasty things they write about them.

But...a question lingers, a wonderment, a musing, a hypothetical. What if they had grown up, and turned out ugly? What if their hair was dull and stringy, their faces pockmarked with acne scars, their eyes too small for their head and their noses too big, their bodies wide and lumpy, their unibrows thicker than the vagina hair on a 1920's porn star? Would they still attract the attention that they do, or would they be holed up in a log cabin somewhere deep in the Appalachian Mountains, bowing before a statue of John Merrick? And just how many men would have to seek out new masturbation fantasies?

After all, it's difficult to tell how babies are going to turn out. There's no guarantee that a cute baby will grow into a beautiful adult. I mean, I sure even Pol Pot looked cute sleeping in his crib.

Yes, you say, but you're forgetting one thing: they're rich. They could buy beauty if they needed to. Perhaps. But did that work for Linda Tripp? Did it work for Carnie Wilson?

So, the question remains. We hate them now because they are beautiful. If they were up in that Appalachian cabin, would we instead hate them because they are ugly?


Drowning in Brooks
posted on 12-07-04 at 10:07 am | praises those Americans who are "rejecting materialistic incentives and hyperindividualism" and are instead having big families (big as in numerous children, not fat) with "three, four or more kids."

Then, as happens so often in his columns, Brooks gets carried away with this new trend he has stumbled upon and tries to co-opt it as his own creation. (One also gets the feeling that Brooks heaps praise on "traditional families" with a forced smile, doing it not because he is so thrilled by them but because his hatred of blue-state types is barely containable.) These "big families" are give characteristics and motives that they themselves might not recognize.

Instead of asking them why they've left the city for the exurbs, Brooks tells them: because they "see them as clean, orderly and affordable places where they can nurture children." He informs them that they are part of "a spiritual movement, not a political one." The final three paragraphs are dedicated to getting inside their heads (surely a difficult task to achieve while sitting behind a computer screen in the nation's capital), describing in detail their private views on morals and their unstated reasons for living the way they do. And here they thought they were just trying to find a house big enough to accomodate their four kids that they could afford. Sorry folks, you've just drafted by Brooks to fight his underhanded war against single city dwellers.

Finally, Brooks succumbs to his emotions, his frustration with career-driven urbanites becomes unbearable, and rational thought is flattened like John Candy bellyflopping on Tiny Tim. What else could explain a desperately intentional misreading like this: "It costs a middle-class family upward of $200,000 to raise a child. These people are saying money and ambition will not be their gods."

It's as if Brooks, like a UFO-spotter, is pleading with you, "I know it sounds crazy, but please, you must believe me." Four kids at $200,000 per is $800,000. Plus a house big enough to hold all of them, and vehicles big enough to lug around them and their sports equipment. Guess what that takes? Money, and lots of it. So while money may not be their god, it's definitely their daddy.


First aid kit
posted on 12-06-04 at 23:26 pm | B.A Baracus

Listen to it — firstaidkit.mp3



Family guys
posted on 12-03-04 at 00:35 am | according to the authors, future election outcomes will be largely determined by mothers and fathers and husbands and wives, not single urbanites.

The point they're trying to make—that Democrats need to return to the days when they supported and promoted home ownership, improving education for the middle class, building and maintaining roads and public utilities—is certainly valid, not to mention quite liberal.

Those policies haven't really been abandoned by Democrats, but between their refusal to strongly assert their support them and their allowing Republicans to define them in the public sphere as elitists concerned only with Ivy Leaguers and gay Manhattanites, it seems like they have.

Still, Kotkin's and Frey's underlying advice would be well-heeded by a party that claims to speak for the people, not to mention one that wants to win electoral majorities. It's unfortunate, then, that they choose to support it with such spurious and deceptive claims.

For example, the authors write that "rising marriage rates, declining divorce rates, and an overall increase in the number of child-bearing families--all point to a strengthening of the American nuclear family."

They don't mention where they got the data to support this claim. The most recent marriage rates I could find, from 2002 and produced by the state of Michigan, show a nearly 3 point decline in the marriage rate between 1992 and 2002. And while the divorce rate is down 3 points since 1978, it has increased fourfold since the 1950s.

Meanwhile, recently reported Census figures show that nearly 33 percent of men and 25 percent of women between 30 and 34 have never been married. That's almost four times the rates in 1970.

As for the nuclear family, in 2002 34 percent of childbirths were to unmarried women. The authors are correct, however, when they claim that "the U.S. is one of the only industrialized countries to enjoy an increase in its fertility rate since the 1970s." While the birth rate has dropped from 97 births to married women per 1,000 married women to 86 births per 1,000 in 2002, the actual number of babies born during that period doubled, from 665,000 to 1.3 million. How could this happen with the declining birth rate among married women? In 1980 the birth rate among unmarried women was 29 per 1,000. By 2002 it had risen to almost 44 per 1,000.

Peripheral evidence, such as the fact that blue states are among those with the lowest divorce rates, works against Kotkin and Frey as well. If Democrats aren't appealing to the married with children set, how are they winning over all those people who've managed to take their vows a little more seriously than Britney Spears has?

And when they take potshots at cities, for example calling Boston "a charming old city of declining population," the data fails them as well. The statement is true if you measure from 1970, when the population was 641,071, to 2000, when it stood at 589,141. But the city's population has been rising steadily, if slowly, since 1980, when it dropped to 562,994, then added 26,000 residents in the ensuing 20 years. Not a return to former glory, to be sure, but an uptick nontheless.

Another statistic the authors present turns out to be a complete lie. "Since 2000, some of the bright spots among blue cities--such as Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco--have begun once again to lose population," they write. In fact, Boston's population in 2002 was 589,281—a very slight increase over 2000. And the population of greater Boston rose to 4,036,321, an increase of more than 1 million since 2000.

The most glaring omission, however, is that Kotkin and Frey don't bother to discover how many of their beloved nuclear family members are registered voters. Instead, they rely on exit polls which lead them to conclude that "married people...constitute roughly 63 percent of the electorate, and those with children...represent about 40 percent of voters." Those are the same exit polls that were predicting John Kerry would win 311 electoral votes on November 2.


The great wall of Mart
posted on 12-02-04 at 21:59 pm | launching a new ad campaign across print and broadcast mediums. Apparently $250 billion just ain't what it used to be. But hey, pr fixes everything.

The strategy behind the ad campaign was explained by Wal-Mart spokeswoman Mona Williams: "We have great prices, and we are really beefing up our communications to make sure that we get that word out."

Mona, your store is known for being the cheapest fucking place on the planet. It's the McDonald's of the retail world—low quality, loved by the obese and completely lacking in health benefits. Is there any American television owner who isn't familiar with that price-cutting yellow smiley face, besides former hippies who get acid flashbacks every time they see it bounce across the screen?

Launchly a multimillion dollar ad campaign to tell people what they already know might not do the trick. (Just ask the folks at the Department of Homeland Security in charge of issuing vague terror alerts.) If the ads fail to boost Wal-Mart's sales, there'll be only one thing left to do: cut wages. It's the overhead, dummy!


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