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Boston Globe, 04/26/2004

Building for science
Boston Globe, 04/19/2004

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Boston Globe, 04/19/2004

Activism: Flesh: A love-hate kind of thing
Boston Phoenix, 03/04/2004

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You set Lonbraz Kann as a film project but also as a development project for Mauritius.Why?

In a geographical area where the cinema is in its infancy, “Kann Lonbraz” aims to lay the groundwork for a sustainable film industry. Also, the project proposes the setting up of training workshops for film business, first to the actors, the other for technicians in the region, which will be supervised and trained throughout the adventure of this film. The “Kann Lonbraz” also mission is to train young people from disadvantaged areas of the island trades of the image.

A first training workshop for Mauritian stakeholders was held in June. A communication campaign and “crowdfunding” was completed in July. How was these actions? What preliminary assessment do you draw?

The campaign of ‘crowdfunding’ was a success. We exceeded the amount requested one week before the deadline. We originally designed this campaign to Mauritians abroad to engage in a cultural development efforts of their country. On arrival, we realize that there are many Mauritians abroad that Mauritius Mauritians who contributed. This gave us an idea of the expectation that there are around this project.  This crowdfunding campaign is part of a broader communications plan around the project because the goal was also to make known the project and make known in Mauritian communities abroad to do the same ambassadors of the film at the time of its release.

We also animate a Facebook page regularly and we feed that tracks the progress of the project and also a website which is being updated, for those who want to enter more deeply into the details of the project.

The first workshop for actors was hosted by actress and director Marie RAYNAL French scene. We work with non-professional actors who for some have no experience of the camera. We chose them because they were all already in them a little something each character. The aim of this first workshop was precisely to show them a little something to work on. We have seen during this workshop affirm certain talents and hatch other we see little by little the characters to life. The workshop was also important to have a vision-size film, it will therefore also serve us to change some things, correct some dialogues, to remove or add. The work is not finished, there will be a second workshop in October.

You are very anxious to reach a Mauritian public. You want it to mean from the film production. Why this choice ?

It must be said that this film is also somewhere the ‘baby’ of another initiative we have implemented 7 years ago, SHORT ILE, a festival of short films holiday villas mauritius, encompassing vocational training workshops.

With this device we support the production (very low budget) Mauritian movies and organize outdoor screenings on the beaches of the island for all Mauritians who will never go to the movies. This device is also intended to bring the Mauritian screens films about Maurice, to refer to the public an image and a reflection of the society in which he lives.

Lonbraz Kann  is just the logical continuation of this reflection by addressing an issue that affects all Mauritians (the end of the sugar era), which is highly visible in the metamorphosis of the landscape but which yet there is little thought and recoil. How we implement this project is as important as the film itself, he calls on the collaboration of all available energies and the Mauritian public is.

Your project also aims to contribute to building a regional cultural cooperation …

We also develop for the first time an axis of regional cooperation with the neighboring island of Reunion and Mozambique, a country of our settlement. The aim is to highlight one of the Indian Ocean cinema, by pooling our resources and to throw a spotlight on this region somewhat forgotten on the world cinema map. In addition, it will give the public view of these countries a story that belongs to them, with a strong artistic anchored about their reality. “Kann Lonbraz” and wishes to highlight the common identity  to the countries of the Indian Ocean. The regional network of talents and skills that we put in place will be the cornerstone of a genuine regional cooperation. We thus claim our determination to be a whole of the Indian Ocean cinema.


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