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How to Invest in Mauritius
posted on June 20, 2016 at 12:06 pm | url | comments -- 0 --

The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation located 900 kilometers from Madagascar and about 4,000 kilometers southwest of India. In addition to the island of Mauritius , the republic includes the islands of San Brandón or Cargados Carajos, Rodrigues and Agalega Islands. Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands, together with the French island of Reunion 200km southwest.

Given its intertropical situation, the island of Mauritius enjoys a warm climate , although the oceanic influence moderates the temperature. By the combination of high humidity and warm temperatures it has thrived dense vegetation including coconut palms.

A Mauritius is known in the world as the Beach Island . Lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this little piece of paradise is surrounded by lagoons . Different shades of blue crystal funds illustrate the sea. The water remains at a warm temperature all year round (23 ° in winter and 27 ° in summer).

Reasons to invest in Mauritius

The following describes the main reasons to invest in Mauritius :

  • Mauritius is changing gradually, in an international island . Its white sand beaches , its turquoise lagoons and magnificent scenery make this island an exceptional environment. Mauritius also has a modern infrastructure : port, airport, road networks, schools, hospitals, hotels, mauritius apartments, etc. Many investors have put their faith in Mauritius, thanks to their way of life. Its capital, Port Louis, was recognized as a city of reference in the region of Africa and the Middle East in terms of its good quality of life .
  • Mauritius is known for its political and social stability and has a dynamic financial sector, and infrastructure and a modern free port. The Mauritian government encourages foreign investment and has created a favorable environment for investment, offering a wide range of incentives and facilities to attract foreign investment direct and institutional investors.
  • Mauritius has a prosperous economy that reflects the dynamism of the private sector and its regulatory framework. The economy is diversified, with the main sectors sugar, tourism, textiles, finance and service sectors and the ICT sector, outsourcing, fishing and projects of real estate development , including thecreation of luxury villas .
  • The investor protection has always been one of the main advantages of Mauritius. The country is a signatory to several treaties and multilateral agreements ensure the protection of foreign investors .
  • There is no exchange control. Mauritius is a free market economy . There is no limit on the transfer of profits, dividends and capital.
  • The tax rate in Mauritius is one of the lowest in the world . The tax system is very flexible, making it an easy business.
  • Mauritius stands out on the international scene through its ease of doing business . Mauritius is a very attractive platform for foreign investors and professionals who have the ability to start a business in only 3 days (work permits and employment are granted to investors and professionals in 3 days).
  • Mauritius has built for himself an international reputation as an exclusive tourist destination , with its innate sense of hospitality, magnificent landscapes and hotels of international firms.
  • The country has a staff of young people with good education : graduates, lawyers, engineers, programmers, consultants, accountants, executive secretaries, etc. An effective vocational training system ensures the availability of skilled labor in a number of sectors, particularly engineering and electronics.
  • The Mauritius Companies Act allows the creation of companies with 100% foreign capital .

Investment in Mauritius

Foreigners can live in Mauritius, and even buy property and become permanent residents of the island. They must buy property in Mauritius as investment projectunder the Integrated Resort Plan (IRS) .

The IRS allows foreigners to buy luxury villas of international standards, with golf courses, marinas, individual swimming pools, restaurants, sports complexes and fitness centers, depending on the project.

The IRS is one of the two regimes to which a foreign investor is allowed to buy property in Mauritius , provided the minimum price for the property is $ 500,000.Anyone who buys a property with these features is automatically entitled to permanent residence as well as your spouse and dependents. The residence permit granted under the IRS system will remain valid for as long as the owner retains ownership of the property.


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