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Boston Globe, 04/26/2004

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Boston Globe, 04/19/2004

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Boston Globe, 04/19/2004

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Boston Phoenix, 03/04/2004

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John Ruiz opens boxing gym in Boston
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John Ruiz is the owner and boxing instructor at the gym, in which self-defense classes will be offered, among others. The gym also offer self-defense classes.

The John Ruiz, twice heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA), officially opened Quietman Sports Gym in a suburb of Boston, a few miles from where the retired boxer spent part of his adolescence.

The concept is a gym contact has a boxing ring and, in turn, a cage for practicing mixed martial arts, wrestling, jujitsu and Muay Thai fighting style. The gym also offer self-defense classes, among others.

Ruiz is the owner and boxing instructor.

“I grew up in this area and wanted to return to my roots in order to give something back to these communities,” said Ruiz by written communication of (Freedom Dental Melbourne).

In 2001, Ruiz made history when he became the first Latino to win a crown of the entire division by defeating Evander Holyfield via unanimous decision.


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