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The elixir of weight loss
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The elixir of weight loss does not require a prescription, it has no side effects and costs almost nothing. A group of US researchers has just found, first, that healthy ‘magic recipe’ to lose weight is to drink tap water before each meal.

Brenda Davy, Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg (Virginia), has released the results of this trial during the celebration, this week in Boston, at the Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS , its acronym in English).

Speaking to, this specialist says “our most important finding is in a study have shown that consumption of water (two glasses) before each main meal can facilitate weight loss among middle – aged and older”. In previous work “we found that those who drank just before each meal ate an average of between 75 and 90 calories less. Now, in this latest, we have found that over the course of 12 weeks, dieters and, also they drink water before each meal, three times a day, lose about two and a half kilos more than those who do not increase fluid intake. ”

Specifically, he studied included 48 adults , with an average age of between 55 and 75 years, who were divided into two groups. So, despite all followed a low calorie diet over three months, one group added two glasses of water before meals and the other did not follow this recommendation. After the time trial, drinkers lost about seven kilos, compared with the nearly five ‘shook off’ those who did not drink.

Davy Dr. recalls that “everyday experience has suggested that water can help promote weight loss. But so far no scientific data on the subject. Previous studies have suggested that water before meals reduces intake . calories , however, lacked the ‘ gold standard ‘ of scientific evidence: a randomized controlled trial that compares weight loss injections  among dieters and drink before meals and those who do not. ”

Advocates also that “water may be so effective simply because it fills the stomach with a substance that has no calories and also the person eats fewer calories. Surely, increase your consumption can also help people lose weight if it is the replacement for sweetened beverages. ”

As for the possibility that the use of drinks ‘light’ has the same effect as water, American researcher acknowledges that “we have not discussed this in our research, but other scientists if they have found that the intake of this type drinks, calorie – free, in Genereal reduce caloric intake at meals, and may also increase weight loss over time. “


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