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Braces Places: Care and dental aesthetics with the best service and prices
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Dr. Z. Mouhab Rizkallah and his staff await in Braces Places.

Dr. Z. Mouhab Rizkallah and his staff await in Braces Places.

In the offices of The Braces Places, the logo speaks for itself, a broad smile with teeth correction.

My goal is to provide the best care at moderate prices,” said Dr. Z. Rizkallah Mouhab which opened in 2012 Braces Places in 335 Common Street in Lawrence and has been practicing orthodontics since 2004.

I find it strange that there are many people who are still afraid to put brakes because they think it will hurt, but thanks to technology, it is not painful, is like putting paper on a table, and root canal cost is very reasonable ” he said.

If installed correctly, the patients will enjoy. The question is: Is it worth it ?. Correctors are one of those things that after they are removed, the result is invaluable. “

Dr. Rizkallah explained that if the teeth are crooked, can accumulate plaques and Sarros, and if there are gaps between them, food can become jammed between his teeth. When the teeth are aligned, better brush.

Putting correction is not just something cosmetic, but something important for health, especially if you have crooked teeth or there is a gap between the teeth, ” he said.

In addition to the dental clinic Rizkallah advocates for Medicaid benefits.

” You have to keep regulations Massachusetts Health honestly. We have a reputation in this office to help get benefits that have been denied. We make sure they are taken care of . ”

He identifies with immigrants from the experience of their parents who left Egypt with him when he was a baby, religious persecution. ” I am appalled by the situation of immigrants and that’s why I want to help because how hard they work for their livelihood , ” he said.

Rizkallah always remembers one of his first patients when he opened his office in Lawrence. She told him she had compared prices in different places and asked him because charged cheaper than elsewhere.

Because I want to , ” he said Rizkalllah. ” She got very happy but not

With a history of 11 years in orthodontics Dr. Z. Rizkallah Mouhab always seeks to provide the best service and the best prices for their patients.

With a history of 11 years in orthodontics Dr. Z. Rizkallah Mouhab always seeks to provide the best service and the best prices for their patients.

He could understand my strange answer, but I feel very proud to offer a great job of orthodontics at a great price. The quality of our work is unrivaled, it is difficult to understand entertaining you are a patient or one of our employees . ”

Dr. Rizkallah studied at the State University of New York at Buffalo where he graduated Summa Cum Laude  in biological sciences, human resources and administration. He also earned a certificate in temporomandibular dysfunction of the State University of New York at Stonybrook, where he also received his doctorate in dental medicine and wasvaledictorian of his class.

Dr. earned his master’s degree in orthodontics biomaterial and a second Masters in orthodontics and dental facial and orthopedic.

In addition to Lawrence, Rizkallah has offices in Somerville 30 College Ave., in 1792 Dorchester Ave. in Boston and the 710 Chelmsford St. in Lowell. It also plans to open a fifth office in Framingham.

Braces Places in Lawrence there are 15 employees including Dr. Jeff Gay. In September, he hires an oral surgeon who will concentrate only shows wisdom teeth.


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